Plano Intelligence Inc is a Texas corporation dedicated to commercializing and developing Neural Network based devices, appliances, and applications.

We hold expertise in optimizing machine learning techniques for speed and storage so as to increase their viability for commodity hardware. It has a cumulative of 20+ years of experience in engineering, business process, information technology, and business strategy consulting.

Look past the device — reach for intelligence.



iNotify is a state-of-the-art technology solution that elevates gun public safety to the next level. iNotify prevents fatalities, improves first responder response times, and quickly identifies victims and their needs in shooting situations. Our team has developed, tested, and prototyped the first phase of the solution and is currently working on commercially deploying it as SAAS. We are actively seeking partners in deploying a pilot for public safety and mitigation of gun violence. iNotify is designed to seamlessly integrate proactive safety intelligence into existing infrastructure and devices of public or private entities.